About Us

The Philadelphia Fair Lease promotes healthy and fair landlord-tenant relationships through the use of clear, short, and fully enforceable residential leases, custom-tailored to Philadelphia’s laws.

This project began when Professor David Hoffman of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School conducted a survey of over 170,000 leases filed in Philadelphia eviction court between 2005 and 2019. According to the survey, Philadelphia’s leases are highly likely to contain unenforceable terms. That makes them legally questionable, unfair, cumbersome, and undesirable. Many of these leases appear to be pre-written, generic forms, sometimes found on legal form websites for a small fee.

Compared to those online options, the Model Lease is fully enforceable and fully legal. It is also easier to read, easier to add to, and free to use. And it was made in Philadelphia, for Philadelphia.

Read Professor Hoffman’s article here.

CONTACT US at phillyfairlease@law.upenn.edu.

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